Naptural85’s Most Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. What’s My Hair Type? 4a all over, 4b in the crown.
  2. What’s my ethnicity? Jamaican born in America, with southern roots.
  3. How long have I been natural? August 2012 makes 4 years! I transitioned August 2008.
  4. Do I ever straighten or blow dry my hair? No. I don’t use any heat on my hair.
  5. Will I ever use heat on my hair? I never say never, but as of right now, I don’t have any desire to.
  6. What are my favorite products?
  7. Where do I buy my unrefined shea butter? I use the online vendor, Agbanga Karite. I love their shea butter, it’s creamy, smooth, and doesn’t smell. Enjoy!
  8. Where do I purchase my oils? I buy all my oils from Whole Foods, including the large Jojoba Oil container shown in many of my videos. But, here are a few other online vendors that I love!
    Various Ingredients Links : https://www.MountainRoseHerbs.com
    Large Bottle of Jojoba Oil : https://jojobacompany.com/shop/ProductDetails.aspx?product=9
  9. Am I still in love with the Terressentials Hair Wash? It’s still a great product, but these days, I make my own!

  1. How do I retain length?

  1. How do I keep my hair moisturized? Click Here For Detailed Information and Links
  2. Any tips for new vloggers looking to start a youtube channel? Invest in a good quality camera, try and share useful information, and most importantly, be yourself!


From DearNaptural85 Channel, 2010: